Spend a week taking care of and recharging yourself

Recharge your body and your mind – Feel rejuvenated after spoiling yourself with this wellness vacation that will leave you rested and full of energy

A week of relaxation, rest, healthy foods, fun workshops about healthy living, taking care of your body and your mind, and if you want you can add some activity in the beautiful surroundings of Portugal Nature Lodge in the southwest of Portugal

This retreat is perfect for anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, who wants to take good care of their body and learn how to do this, and who wants to give their busy mind a break for a while. For anyone who wants to get back home from their vacation feeling totally refreshed and full of energy.

It is a retreat for men and women, for couples, for friends and family, and for singles. It is very personal, Portugal Nature Lodge can only host small groups up to 8 people..

You can stay at the site, enjoy this beautiful place and do as little as possible, but you can also go out to the coast, learn to surf on the ocean or SUP on the river or take a long hike. It is a retreat for anyone who wants to completely relax for a few days and enjoy a healthy life. 

The food during this week is fully plantbased and composed in such a way that you give your body a cleanse on the inside, a light detox. You won’t be hungry but you overload your body with the nutrients it needs while leaving out the bad stuff. 

At the end of the week you will feel fantastic!

Rise when the sun is not so bright yet, nature is just waking up and the light is beautiful.. Everything is so peaceful.  Just enjoy and take in the view from your terrace and the nature, the space and the tranquility around you. 
Wake up slowly during a wonderful 30 minute yoga class followed by a meditation , go for a walk or take a dip in the natural pool. Then it’s time to fill your belly with a healthy and delicious breakfast.

After breakfast you have some time for yourself, before we start with the activity of the day. A workshop or a hike. 
The workshops are relaxed and deal with several aspect of healthy living. Twice we cook the lunch of that day together in a cooking workshop.

Lunch is shared after the cooking workshops, on the other days you can take it with you as a picknick lunch. Afternoons are free or you will get your massage or a ‘Love your healthy life’ coaching session.

Dinner can be eaten together in the communal area or you can take it to your tent to eat it on your own terrace. Everyone should feel free to withdraw if they want to. Eating mindfully is an important during the retreat. Some people find this easier in a group, others find it easier on their own. 

The meals are prepared following the guidelines that Joke also uses in her detox programs. You will eat fully plantbased, balanced meals that contain all the nutrients you need but as little as possible substances that are harmful for your body. 
Because you live stress-less this week, surrounded by nature and in rhythm with nature, this week is a blessing for your body and mind. Your body has time to rid itself of stored toxins and replenish beneficial nutrients.. Your hormone balans can recover (this also applies to men!) because you live in rhythm with nature. The massage and the soundhealing are not only very relaxing but also bring your energetic balans back.

.And the workshops and the coaching session will provide you with the knowledge with which you can implement some healthy habits at home. 

The program includes:
*** This is the minimum program. Depending on the number of participants, things can be changed, but it will never be less!

  • 6 nights in one of our tents with private bathroom, kitchen and outdoor seating area

  • 6 x diner

  • 5 x lunch

  • 6x breakfast

  • herbal tea, kombucha, waterkerir and flavoured water

  • a healthy snack every day

  • 5 x 30 minute (yin-)yoga session followed by a meditation

  • 3 x fun and accessible workshop about healthy living with 2 times a cooking workshop 

  • 1 x 60 minute relaxing massage

  • 1 x groups soundhealing session

  • 1 guided hike in the beautiful surroundings 

  • natural bodycare products in your bathroom

  • a 40 minute ‘Love your healthy life’ coaching session with Joke

  • all the recipes from the meals and the snacks to take home with you 

  • an introduction package


Not included::

* travel and cancellation insurance or any other insurances
* costs to get to Portugal Nature Lodge. 
If you want to explore and go to the beach during your free afternoons, it is best to rent a car.  Public transport is not very much available here. 
But if you don’t mind staying here in and around the lodge, you can come here by bus from Lisbon airport and by train and bus from Faro airport. We can pick you up from the busstation.. Please mention this when you make the booking. 

Price per person when you share the tent with 2 people
 €975 for 6 nights in the safaritent or the lodgetent

€945 in a yurt

Price with single occupancy €1250 for 6 nights or €1220 in a yurt

For booking or more information, send an email to info@portugalnaturelodge.com or call or whatsapp to +351914199671.