Sustainability of Portugal Nature Lodge

We don´t advertise as such, but we think it´s self-evident to live, work and built with respect for nature and burden the environment as little as possible. We are located in a nature reserve and we want to keep it that way.

Our tents stand on wooden platforms on pillars above the ground, so nature can continue to do what it usually does underneath. 
We used ecological products to protect the wood whereever that was possible.

The drinking water comes from our own well, we treat it for drinking which saves loads of plastic bottles a year.
Waste water runs through a biological septic system, which consists of 3 compartments. The second compartment is filled with little balls, that kind of digest the solids. This already cleans the water for a big part. Coming out of the septic tank the water flows through a reed bed. After this the water is clean enough to use for irrigation, we pump it into our swales to water our fruit trees.

Of course the septic system works better when the water that comes in is free of chemicals and other non-digestible stuff. Therefor we use ecological cleaning and washing products and we ask our guests to consider this too.

Our swimming pool is a natural pool with pure water, and adds an extra natural paradise to PNL.  An amazing place to unwind and relax.

We are working on our own biological vegetable garden and orchard, it´s gets a bit bigger every year. If available we take the fruit and vegetables that we use for breakfast and the meals that we cook from our garden.

We are connected to the grid for electricity, and have a few solarpanels for support. We use relatively little energy. All our lightbulbs are energy savers and lighting outside are mainly solar lamps. The only other electrical supply in the tents is a small fridge.
Our toilets are normal flush toilets, and you can throw the toiletpaper in. Very convenient, but for the sake of our septic system and the small tubes we ask you to keep the amount of toilet paper as small as possible and don´t throw anything else in.

Sadly enough it is hardly possible here to get around using public transport, it is just not available here. You really need a car to go to the supermarket and to the beaches. If you are a sportive biker (it is pretty hilly here!), you can of course also use your bike!