You can choose the style of tent which suits you best; a yurta safari tent or a  lodge tent. Each tent has its private faclities as well as a kitchen with a fridge.

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Your accommodation will make your stay into an experience. When you wake up in the morning the first thing you see is the sun, it’s rays filtered through the canvas and the canopy of trees against the blue of the clear Alentejo skies.

Days will be spent outdoors, enjoying the views and the tranquil atmosphere, and chilling out on your private terrace or lazing by the swimming pool.
Or you may choose from a variety of activities from cycling to horse riding, fishing to surfing or lazing on some of the cleanest and least spoilt beaches in this part of Europe.

Experience also the hospitable culture of the Alentejo, where every village has its own friendly cafes and many their own artesanatos (handicraft shops).

At night the tents are beautifully illuminated so from the outside you will feel drawn to enter. Once inside you will be charmed by its stylish yet cosy welcome.

Every tent is furnished with a comfortable bed and a small seating area. The main living space is provided by the outside decked terrace, with a seat, a hammock, a dining area, a small kitchen and your private bathroom with toilet and shower.