Eating, drinking and nightlife

Going out for diner is really cheap in Portugal. You can buy your friends a drink here without feeling it in your wallet right away. In Troviscais there are 2 bars for a drink, and there are plenty of restaurants in larger villages like Sao Luis, Odemira and of course in the coastal towns. Want to eat fresh grilled sardines at the beach at sunset? Vila Nova de Milfontes is the place to be.

Shell fish, black pig, wild bore, fish stews, the real portuguese fare is prepared very well for a few euros in a traditional restaurant in Sao Luis. And also vegetarians are catered for in a lot of restaurants nowadays.
There are a few big supermarkets in Odemira (on 16 km) to do your own shopping.
We can also supply you with catering service some days of the week if you don’t feel like cooking but don’t want to go out either.

At night

During your stay there is a chance that a baila is organized in one of the surrounding villages. This is a Portugese dance night with traditional music. It sometimes starts with a procession in the late afternoon, and sometimes has free wine, sangria or sardines. These festas are always nice to go to, young and old dance all night.

In Vila Nova de Milfontes there are several bars, disco’s and clubs for those who like some nightlife.